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Auto Repair

Getting Auto Repair Service in Orange, Ca can be easily done with Fix N Smog. Located in Orange we service all Cars, Trucks, Suvs, & Vans. With Fix N Smog you will receive your Auto Repair Costs before any service is started. Know your in good hands with Fix N Smog when getting Auto Repair service in Orange.
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Smog Check

Are you looking for Star Station Smog Check Locations in Orange, CA? No longer for you to keep looking, Fix N Smog is not just a Smog Test Only location like other places. But if you also happen to get a Failed Smog Check we will be able to service your vehicle and answer all of your Car Repair Questions.
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Oil Change

Have you see the Oil Change Specials at Walmart? If you are like most people you will want to get a Cheap Oil Change. It is one of the most important regular maintenance every vehicle you own will have to get done. Here at Fix N Smog you will get the same service at Low Price for High Quality Oil.
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Our Automotive Repair Services

Here is an entire list of all our Automotive Repair & Smog Check services. From getting an Oil Change all the way to having your Engine Replaced or even Transmission Service. Here at Fix N Smog we do it all at a reasonable price and faster then you’d expect. 

Alignment Services

Driving Straight goes for granted a lot of time. We all know when the Alignment is just off by a little in your car, you’ll be driving and then start to drift. It normally is not a hindrance unless it is very serve then you can start wearing the inside of your tires. However if your car is off Alignment just a little only an annoyance will come from it.

Air Conditioning Service

Are you driving around in this summer heat without any working Air Condition in your Car or Truck? Get cool this summer before you melt away sitting in traffic. For a limited time only we are offering 10% off your next A/C Service or Repair with Fix n Smog.

Battery Replacement Service

On some cars especially vans it can be difficult to replace your battery. Another instance that you maybe unaware of is when you have had your battery for over 5 years you can start to see a decrease in overall power storage and my be a good idea to replace it before it goes out. The last thing you’d want is to be late for work and your car doesn’t start!

Engine Repair / Replacement

It’s one of the more “Major” repairs or service that may need to be done. A common replacement or service will be the top half of your vehicles engine. This is where the pistons and also your cylinders are located. A good cleaning and tune up is recommend for preventative maintenance.

Engine Tune-Up

Preventive Maintenance will save you hundreds if not thousands in Auto Repair bills and expenses. Doing a simple inspection can prevent a major problem down the line. Getting your car taken care of for the 30,000 / 60,000 / 90,000 mile service is highly recommend.

Transmission Service

Needing to get your Transmission Serviced or Replaced can be a big headache.  Be sure to call us ahead of time in order to receive a risk free quote.

Complete Tire Service

Are you looking to get a new set of Tires or maybe you have a flat and need to plug a hole. Whatever you need serviced with your tires, be sure to grab our coupon for tire service in orange.

& So Much More...

For more services or to ask us anything please call: (714) 752-0367

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